What does it mean to stand for and lead by the values that are most important to us as women?

What is needed for us to step fully into our authentic power and
bring our greatest contributions to life?

What transformation is possible when we support one another in a collective field of self-care, courage and Evolutionary Leadership?

Our call to feminine leadership

Joey Walters
'We seem to be entering a significant time in history when, as women, we're awakening to the unique contributions we're being called to make in shifting the balance of power in ourselves and in the world, so that humanity can be evolved by the generative, co-creative potential of a more feminine kind of leadership.
I wonder what's possible when we plant the seeds of this vision in our own hearts and support one another in nurturing their growth?'


Gathering women with heart and purpose

In many indigenous cultures around the world, women gathered to share their wisdom and power. They stood for life, supported one another, taught one another, laughed together and made crucial decisions that supported the flourishing of their communities for generations to come. In some parts of the world, women still gather in this way.

Today, globally and especially in the West where circles of women were lost, many women are now feeling the rising impulse of feminine power to come together again  and re-ignite the courage, wisdom and co-creativity that is so much brighter and more powerful when shared.

This Wisdom Council is such a gathering for those of us feeling the impulse to make a difference in the world and to foster our sense of passion, purpose and potential as women.
When we engage this rising authentic power in the context of leadership, we face the choice to activate enough courage to move beyond our ambivalence and fear and to stand for and act on what we most care about, so bringing our greatest contributions to life through our leadership.

Nourished by the natural beauty of our venue, we will have a creative and engaging day evoking from us the wisdom that we each hold in the spirit of collective inquiry as we explore some of the most significant questions that we might be facing as women at the forefront of our social and cultural evolution.

This day will be an opportunity to meet others in our growing community of Women at the Heart of Leadership, which exists to support us in accessing and leading from our authentic power and in doing so, fulfilling our potential to make a difference as heart-centred, feminine leaders.

Please join us if you feel called... we welcome you with your uniqueness, wisdom, curiosity and not least, your most significant challenges.

Most importantly, you are invited to bring the real you, just as you are, to this heart-inspiring collective inquiry into our co-creative role as feminine leaders. 

Please feel free to contact me at joey@dancehammer.co.uk if you have any questions about the day or Liz Whyte in relation to registration.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warm wishes, Joey Walters.


Benefits of participation

This creative inquiry is a modern day adaptation of the original practice of The Wisdom Council - an indigenous and highly innate model of holistic leadership which will provide the foundational framework for us to engage in a rich dialogue as we explore some of the key questions facing our role as feminine leaders today.

Through a creative process of large and small group engagement, dialogue and sharing of insights, we imagine we will:

  • Gain a collective insight into the essential leadership 'role' we play as women.
  • Build confidence in our personal values and strengths as feminine leaders.
  • Share in an appreciation of the mutual challenges, opportunities and evolutionary potential of being a feminine leader in today's culture.
  • Experience the multiple perspectives of the Council Wheel as a 'tool' for accessing deeper levels of wisdom and creative insight.
  • Gather inspiration, momentum and support for your personal desires to live your potential and make a unique difference in the world.
  • Share experience and support with peers and recognise that we're not alone!
  • Experience and grow the supportive, evolutionary community of Women at the Heart of Leadership...

Who is this day for?

This day is for women who are seeking to bring a more fulfilling and authentic way to lead into practice, and/or who feel a personal calling to make a greater contribution to life through their leadership.

Our founding philosophy is that regardless of role or experience, we are all leaders if we choose and true leadership starts within ourselves.

his soul nourishing day, therefore, is for intended for you as a person. So whether you are...

  • a visible or aspiring leader in your organisation
  • a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your own business
  • in transition with your vocation
  • a proud mother returning to your vocational calling in the world
  • looking towards/in transition into 'elderhood'
  • wanting to make a more significant contribution in your life

...if this Wisdom Council inspires you or calls the real you to attention, then please come and join us for this inspirational and thought-provoking day.

If you're wishing to dip your toe into the water face to face, and find out more
about the nature of the Women at the Heart of Leadership Community, this is a perfect introductory day.

And if you are already a part of the community through the Living Leadership alumni, then this is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your journey, expand yourself, re-connect with friends and meet some of the other inspiring women in the
WHL Community.

Where and when

Our setting for this day is the beautiful Harburn House, surrounded by stunning countryside and gardens as well as being easily accessible from Edinburgh and Glasgow and close to public transport.

Harburn House, West Calder, West Lothian, Scotland EH55 8RN
Thursday 23rd June, 2011.
9am registration, 9.30am start - 5.15pm finish.

B+B available on request. Please contact Liz Whyte with local accommodation and transport queries.


£245 + vat per person, including all beverages and lunch.
(Early booking price £195 +
vat on or before 16th May)
Concessions available.

Registration information

Click below to register.
Please contact Liz Whyte if you have any queries. Please also contact Liz if you have attended the Living Leadership programme and would like to take advantage of our discount offer for multiple bookings.


Women at the Heart of Leadership Community

The Women at the Heart of Leadership Community was initiated in Scotland 8
years ago by Joey Walters of Dancehammer, following her passion to help women to grow their sense of authentic feminine leadership and align with their true potential, purpose and contribution.

Since then Joey has worked with hundreds of women, facilitating transformation  through her workshops and one to one coaching. Having 'returned' to her vision after having her second child, Joey is now growing this community with others, as a hub for women who want a 'safe' and supportive container in which to develop confidence in their unique strengths, transcend perceived limitations and practice a more heart-centred, feminine and purposeful way of leading in the world. Apart from her personal experience as a leader in business, Joey spent 10 years training with native teachers from the Ehama Institute in the USA where she learned experientially from a Wisdom Tradition to which the Wisdom Council belongs. She translates this as well as other holistic developmental approaches into relevant and meaningful leadership contexts.  Her insightful, compassionate and pragmatic approach enables women to find a more powerfully authentic awareness of who they are, resulting in more generative ways of being, relating and leading in all areas of their lives.


Women at the Heart of Leadership is an initiative created and sponsored by
Dancehammer Group Ltd.


'By dropping our self-consciousness and competitiveness, we can begin to make a real difference. This is how we are true leaders, for in fact we're already powerful leaders within our wombs. In re-creating the women's clans, the mother's clans, we'll be able to stand for what is right, not isolated as we have been for thousands of years. In solidarity to one another, this journey will be less painful. For it's together, in our women circles, that we'll find the way to lead powerfully along side with men.' Ohki Simine Forest